Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little Bites of Meaty, Cheesy Goodness!

I attended a potluck breakfast awhile back and one of the ladies brought an amazing recipe that contained three ingredients, Sausage, Cheese and Bisquick.  I know what your saying...REALLY?  What is the binding ingredient?  That doesn't sound crazy flavorful!  Guess what?  These babies are FLAVOR BOMBS!  I saw several variations on for this recipe ranging from the amount of Bisquick to the cook time.  Since I couldn't remember the recipe my potluck friend told me, I decided to do a combination of several different recipes from

Bisquick Sausage Bites:
1lb Jalpeno sausage
2.5  Cups cheese
3 Cups Bisquick
Water, as needed

Preheat oven to 350F

Thoroughly combine ingredients...this is going to take some serious elbow grease because you are forcing the sausage and cheese and Bisquick together and I think they are secretly enemies.  Be forewarned.  As water as needed.  Roll into 1.5 inches balls of dough and put on cookie sheet.  Cook for 25 minutes.

These little bites are ADDICTIVE!  Oh my goodness!  I could eat them all day, in fact, that is just what I did the day I made them, breakfast, snack and lunch!  The next time I make these babies I'm going to use less Bisquick and more cheese.

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