Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you Holiday Inn!

I go to New York on occasion for work and I always stay at the Hampton Inn by the JFK airport. The neighborhood is so shady, the hotel has menus for local restaurant that will deliver dinner, unfortunately most of those restaurants aren't too good. Fortunately the Holiday Inn next door has a pretty decent bar/restaurant that is the motivation for this recipe. The bar serves a caprese sandwich that is served on flat bread and cooked like a pannini.

I had a hankering for this sandwich tonight and decided to use a tortillas instead of flat bread. What a GREAT idea! But how can you go wrong when you are dealing with cheese?

Caprese Quesadilla:
Grated mozzarella
Finely chopped basil
Chopped tomato

Chopped tomato
2 tablespoons diced red tomato
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

The bruschetta was my 'salsa' if you will...and it ROCKED!!! I was going to drizzle the balsamic vinegar over the quesadilla, but thought it would be better with a bruschetta. What a fun idea! This was so yummy! Now I don't have to head off to New York for a yummy caprese.


Meg said...

That looks delicious. I like the idea of using the tortilla instead.

Meg said...

I found mine at Target. You could probably also find them at a Walgreens!!