Sunday, October 26, 2008

Golden Ticket

O.K., so this post isn't about food per se, but it is about something you consume to compliment your food. I am curious as to the vitamins you all take. I have heard a plethora of things about vitamins from 'they give you tons of can live off these babies' to 'they make your waste expensive.'

I personally take a multi-vitamin and calcium. I don't really drink milk except to put soy milk in my morning cereal and iced latte's when I have them. However, a while back a co-worker told me that regular calcium pills don't break down in your stomach fast enough for your body to make use of the calcium. He is in the boat that vitamins make 'expensive waste.' He had me cutting my freaking calcium tablets in half for a while because I had bought a monster sized bottle of calcium at Costco.
I have been searching out alternatives to my Costco Calcium and got turned on to Viactin...those chocolate chews. They were pretty decent but went hard WAY fast. I found a GREAT alternative at Wild Oats...Whole Foods...I liked Wild Oats better. Their stores smelled like lavender and eucalyptus and Whole Foods stores smell like health food...but I digress. Nutrition Now has a product called, 'Calcium Soft Chews'. Kind of a lame name, but a GREAT product.
The 'Chews' come in individually wrapped golden packages that make you think you have won the golden ticket from Willy Wonka! The Chew its self is nice and soft. 500 mg of Calcium is what you need each day and each 'Chew' is 250 it gives you the opportunity to drink a glass of milk or eat some cheese and truly supplement your diet with a 'Calcium Chew'. The best part is that it gives you a great excuse to eat chocolate. Alex thinks that's why I get this particular brand of calcium...and he is probably right. I need strong bones so I don't get osteoporosis.

Tell me what vitamins you take to supplement your yummy blogs! I am curious to see how many pill cutters their are out there.


Anonymous said...

I take Vitamin B complex and a baby aspirin.

My diabetes educator suggested the vitamin B, I've been taking it so long, I don't even remember the benefits!

Love your blog!

Meg said...

I take several supplements...enzymes, multi, and a product called Natural Calm which has calcium and magnesium.

Michele said...

the only things that I take are enzymes, iron and Trader Joe's green calcium with vitamin D. I'm a firm believer in getting most of my vitamins from food naturally.

Megan said...

I just bought some viactiv from costco. They better not get hard on me. :(
I dont take any multvitamins but I have been on the look out for a good one. I dont want to buy one and pee it out. I want one my body will absorb. Any suggestions?