Saturday, October 18, 2008


Phew, I'm back! I had to go to Montreal for work this last week. It was a whirlwind trip. I traveled all day Wednesday, arriving in Montreal at Midnight. I was up at 7am to head off to meetings 6 blocks from my hotel. I was in meetings all day Thursday without wireless access so I spent a couple of hours back in my room catching up on what I was missing at the office. I got out for dinner at a local restaurant and snuck into a touristy shop for souvenirs. The next morning I was off to meetings until noon and then ran to the airport to catch a flight back to the US. I had three connections and didn't arrive in Utah until Midnight. DANG! I'm tired!

I had little time to see Montreal, but I LOVED it! I love that everyone speaks fluent French and English. That is so impressive. Each time I head to Canada I HAVE to get anything Maple I can get my hands on. Here are the yummy items I found at the unique is that? :(

I love this bottle of looks like Canadian Whiskey!

These cookies KICK ASS! You can find these cookies online at Maple Grove Farms...of Vermont...What the....?
My best find was this Maple Tea. It is so smooth! It is great with or without sweetener...but never isn't like drinking straight up Maple Syrup. It is mildly sweet all on it's own. My favorite part is the wood box it comes in! It is so cute!
I feel bad I didn't get to see more of the city...I mean...I feel bad I didn't get to see the city at all! I was so busy I just saw the 6 blocks to and from the office and the restaurant. I NEED to get back and spend some serious tourist time.


Meg said...

I bet you are exhausted. I hope you get some rest!

That maple tea would go great with a pumpkin dessert! YUM!

Zesty Cook said...

I just had a great big Yawn for you!! Heavy on the maple... god love Canadians :)