Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fish Tacos with Dad

Saturday Alex and I went over to my Dad's house and cooked his version of fish tacos. I was hesitant to post this meal since I did my fish tacos last month, but the cabbage mixture he makes with these tacos ROCKS!!!
My Dad doesn't use recipes. He is one of those truly talented people that just makes recipes up based off what he thinks is pure yummy! I have always been envious of his cooking talents. He is a large part of the reason I LOVE to cook.

My Dad starts his fish taco recipe out with Tilapia instead of the salmon I use in mine. You can use any kind of fish you like. He also cooked the tilapia in a frying pan with a little oil and seasoning (I suspect the seasoning was Lowry's - which is a joke because my Dad put Lowry's Seasoning Salt on EVERYTHING when I was a kid. As a result, I can't stand the stuff and made Alex throw his out when I moved in with him.) My Dad rough broke up the tilapia to prepare it for fish taco eating.

The creme de la creme of this recipe is the creamy cabbage mixture that accompanies the fish tacos. My Dad used about 2-3 cups of cabbage, 1/2 cup of white onion, 1/3 cup chopped cilantro 1/4 cup sour cream, 1/4 cup mayonnaise. Mix it all together and season with salt and pepper. I think it would rock to add a jalapeno or Serrano for some added heat...just because Alex and I LOVE spicy food.
My Dad heated up white corn tortilla's in a little bit of oil in a frying pan to make them more pliable. Just add the tilapia, cabbage and top with avocados and salsa. These babies turned out FANTASTIC! I was pleasantly surprised by the cabbage cilantro mixture. THANKS, Dad! It was fun to hang out and cook together!

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