Monday, September 15, 2008

Ebleskiver fun!

A while back Williams Sonoma started carrying the ebleskiver pans. I had never seen them before and was fascinated. They are pans that have 9 indentations you fill with pancake mix. You can fill the 'pancakes' with jelly, cream or whatever your heart desires.

I was worried when I bought the pan because I was certain I was going to destroy the little guys making the batter fly all over the place. But I DIDN'T! WHOOHOO!!!! Fortunately I bought my sister this pan last Christmas and I was able to learn from her experiences. The pictures at Williams Sonoma show wooden sticks used to flip the 'pancake', but they don't come with the pan. I didn't want to run to the store and buy skewers so we used wooden chopsticks. They worked famously!

I bought the pan as a gift set that included pumpkin pancake/waffle mix with pumpkin pecan butter. We tried this pan out Saturday at our dinner party. HELLO FUN! I'm not kidding you. This pan is going to keep me entertained for many Sunday's to come!

This is how it works. We mixed up the pancake mix, pour a little less than a tablespoon in a well greased (with pam) ebleskiver pan.If you put the whole tablespoon the instructions tell you to, it doesn't give you enough room to put the pumpkin pecan butter in the center for yummy goodness. Put one teaspoon of the pumpkin pecan butter in the center and cover with another 1/2 tablespoon of pancake batter. When the 'pancake' is bubbling at the edges like a real pancake, flip it with the chop sticks. Cook until the bottom is nicely browned.

Alex and I had these as left overs for Sunday morning breakfast. I put a little bit of syrup on them and the were PERFECTION!!!


Natasha said...

Hi Rubybean,
I have always wondered about these pans; thanks for the review! I can imagine my younger sister having a blast with these....By the way, we are making our way through a jar of pecan pumpkin butter right now as well. That stuff's addictive!

Meg said...

I got excited when I saw the pans, but then I saw the pumpkin batter and pumpkin butter and I was drooling....then I saw your yummy puffs and I was over the edge. They look delicious. I need to go over and get my yearly stash of pumpkin pecan butter and pick up some of that mix.