Thursday, September 4, 2008

Easy Strawberry Fruit Pies

If you will remember, not long back I got together with my friend Jen and her mom and had a recovery from my original pastry disaster. I ended up with a years worth of pie crust from that event. I froze it and pull it out now when needed. Alex and I wanted something simple but fun to go with our dinner of yummy leftovers and I happened to have strawberries left over from the strawberry rhubarb coffee cake this weekend.
This was so easy and simple I can't stand it. I defrosted one of the pie flying saucers from the freezer and cut it into four equal pieces...well, almost equal pieces. I threw some flour down and rolled it out to the desired thickness. I spread some sugarfree strawberry jam on one half of the rolled out dough. Smuckers has the BEST sugarfree strawberry jam. Most sugarfree items have a nasty after taste to them, but this jam ROCKS! It is fabulous on toast, but especially these little fruit pies. On top of the of the jam I placed small pieces of cut up strawberries.

Fold over the top and seal the edges so the strawberry goodness doesn't escape; cut two slits in the top so the strawberry goodness doesn't explode in the 350 F oven over the 20 minutes it hangs out.

I really didn't know what to expect from this when I started messing around with it...but OH MY GOODNESS. It was GREAT! The strawberries and jam mingled wonderfully! Alex and I couldn't wait to dive in and the jam was way hot, but oh so yummy!

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Meg said...

Wow! What a tasty and easy recipe! My husband would love this. By the way, just found your blog and love it!